Thursday, July 9, 2015

Marquis of Cornwallis, Marchmont Street WC1N 1AP

A Fellow MSer!

It makes me very happy when I get a notification via twitter that a fellow MSer has sent me a picture of an accessible loo for me to add to my blog and that is exactly what happened this week!

The message read

@mumdean Found good pub with good disabled access loo Marquis of Cornwallis, Marchmont Street WC1N 1AP


The message was sent by Patrick Burke (@aid4disabled) who is a Professional speaker on Multiple sclerosis. He has SPMS (Secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis) and wants to improve lives of other sufferers. Website . help progressive disabilities. Check out his website and follow Patrick on Twitter he is one knowledgeable guy. Lets all work together raising awareness.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Prezzo - New Oxford Street and Aldwych Theatre


Our first stop on Saturday was to Prezzo where 9 of us sat down for a bite to eat before going off to the theatre.

The food was great but the loo area for me was not big enough. I now need to visit the loo with my carer who is able to help me stand to transfer so room for two is required!

Anyway see for yourself:-


The room was to small to take a full photo! x

Aldwych Theatre

A great place to go!
The front of  house staff could not have been more accommodating.
We went to see the Carol King musical - Beautiful, it was amazing - a great afternoon.

There is only one accessible loo in the theatre which can be a slight draw back if all the wheelchair spaces are being used and I suppose matters are not helped if people like me are taking photos!

The space was great an for me as usual with a standing transfer have the vertical bars really helped.

Anyway here are s few photo's


A great day  out!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

'Wot no loos'?

The Mobility Road Show

It really has been a while since writing my last post - to be honest I thought people were not interested in my postings and perhaps I should find something else to utilise my time with. However yesterday we visited the Mobility Road Show at Donnington Park. We love going to the show as there is always some gem of information we come away with. In fact it was on our way to a Mobility Road Show that the Accessible bog Blog was born.

This year we were not looking to test drive a car but to seek out information on holidays etc. On Thursday evening I received a message from someone who used to attend the Chilterns MS Centre before they moved away, the message went like this

Hi Julie. Mike and I have just returned from the Mobility Show at Donnington and met someone who has a website called viewopendoors and wonder if you have come across it. It is a site which is for disabled people to let them know where to shop, eat, stay and spend leisure time. You might find it a site that is useful to add to your own blog or you might want to tell them about what you have done. Hopefully this is useful news for you. Trust all is well with you and everyone at the centre and trust you had a good lunch today with former colleagues. Sally

I love being able to keep in touch with past members of the centre and I love even more the sharing of information. I had never heard of this site and certainly I was going to make myself known to them. When we arrived we headed for the stand and that is where I met Bob Menzies the owner of the website Great guy, great story please check out his website.

Before the weekend I was aware that the MS Centre I attend was taking over the twitter account for shiftms and I had agreed to 'tweet' from the MRS, well I just couldn't resist taking the CMSC Bear - you can find him on Facebook he is a great 'icebreaker' and gets everyone talking. We had been invited to stand 68 where we met 'Tedwood' from the Wheelchair Dancing Sports Association (UK) and this gave me a chance to learn more about the WDSA whilst our two bears made friends!

Next we were onto finding out about a new initiative called Flat Spaces
please check out their web site looks like a great place to stay the guy who founded it is also part of

Then it was onto see Mike from this is where four years ago I purchased my purple bomb really known as Trekinetic K2 it has changed my life in the things I  can do.


I couldn't resist seeing popping to see, we use their bikes at the centre and would love to be able to get funding for the the mechanical standing frame!

Yesterday has left me feeling empowered - there are solutions to problems and people out there who can help - my advice is to give a little and you will get back a lot - it doesn't need to all be about money.

love Julie

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marlow Higginson Park - Bucks

We love going for family walks through the park and down by the river. All seems to have recovered following last years floods.
The public loos in the park are well maintained.

Only thing that is very disappointing us the bin is in the way to be able to do a sliding transfer.

Caterham - Surrey

Used the public loos attached to the multi storey car park .
They were quite adequate for a quick wee!!

Milton Keynes-Centre

Popped to the sales at the beginning of the year so a certain person could spend her Christmas money!!
Of course the inevitable happened and a trip to the loo was required!


Nice and clean and even had bottles - well done MK!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Management Suite - Cambridge Street Retail Park Aylesbury


Well my phone is filling up with loos - what people would think if they found and viewed my phone!!
The accessible loos in the shops (such as  Hobbycraft and Wicks) on this retail park have been taken out, however in between Frankie and Bennys and Subways there is a managent suite which is open when the shops are open and on the first floor are the loos. 

I have always been amazed by how many loos I visit insist on filling up the transfer space with the bins.